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We help our clients achieve the results they need. Whether the project is small or large, we will find the best solution. We support good corporate image and traditional sales channels. We are not afraid of big productions or quick and urgent jobs. A corporate video? An advertisement? A product video? Camera start!


About us

We have the brains and the muscles

We are oriented to cooperation.

That is why we will work as partners. Together, we will go from the idea to the success. A shared one, as your success will be the measure of ours. We are prepared both for the marathon and for the 100-metre sprint.

Filmujemy i produkujemy

We film and produce.

We listen, understand, advise. Space has no secrets from us. We know when it is needed and when it is not. We will find the frame, composition, and exposure you need. When the concept is ready, we know how to make it happen. What, where, when, and to whom deliver. On time.

Projects delivered.

We have various working methods and we all like to say that success is the fruit of the work.

Corporate videos and advertising spots

"We have a whole life to tell"

Production and direction of the spot for Jolanta Kwasniewska's foundation “Communication Without Barriers.” Spot under the slogan “We have a whole life to tell” was done with the participation of Irena Santor and senior volunteers as part of the “Familiarising the Old Age” programme.

McKinsey & Company - 25 under 25

Production of the spot for the “25 under 25” competition initiated on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of McKinsey & Company in Poland. The competition is a joint initiative of Forbes magazine and the Warsaw office of McKinsey & Company.

Signal Iduna

Presentation of the SIGNet platform for Signal Iduna insurance agents. SIGnet is a tool that facilitates the work of agents and supports the insurance sales process.

A Day at Sun Garden

Garden Production of a video showing the Sun Garden production plant and a presentation of the production process.

Communication Without Barriers Foundation

Production and direction of the spot for Jolanta Kwasniewska’s foundation “Communication Without Barriers.” The spot was premiered in the TVP network and then in Cinema City and Helios cinemas.


 Video coverage of Senso.Lab meetings discussing the work and organisational environment.

Product videos


Video promoting Roadhawk tyres

Miraflores & Hairdreams

A recording of a ‘making-of’ video promoting Miraflores studio and Hairdreams products.


Production of a series of short product information spots for retail space presentation.


Mootaa Fridge Cleaner

Production of a series of short product spots.

Easy Sun Parasol

A series of product tutorials – video tutorial on how to use Easy Sun Parasol.

Mootaa Washing Additive

Production of a series of short product spots.

Video animations and presentations

ACT Legal

presentation made for ACT Legal.

Piwowar Finanzen

Video presentation made for Piwowar Finanzen.


Video presentation of exhibitions arranged by Araneus.

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Video offers many possibilities. We suggest good solutions.


We make videos for companies

We build image and support sales:

• videos for trade fairs,

• product tutorials.

• videos about the production process,

• customer feedback,

• video trade offer,

• coverage and interviews.

• short reports from cultural, sports and entertainment events,

• social media videos.


Obrazek firmy


We make videos for HR

We invite the viewer inside the company space:

• recruitment and employer branding videos,

• internal communication videos,

• training videos and job tutorials,

• mini interviews with managers looking for candidates for their teams,

• opinions of employees,

• internal recruitment campaigns.



We create clear animated presentations which help present the company’s offer to customers or introduce employees to changes:

• internal communication animations,

• video presentations,

• animated explainers,

• animated product presentations,

• animated trade offers.

Obrazek HR
Obrazek PR


Ask for an offer

We will help you choose the format, time needed and optimal delivery.

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Filmujemy i produkujemy
Obrazek firmy
Obrazek HR
Obrazek PR

Filmujemy i produkujemy

Filmujemy i produkujemy
Obrazek firmy
Obrazek HR
Obrazek PR

Filmujemy i produkujemy
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